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Travis Perkins

Embedding a coaching approach throughout a nationwide organisation

Recognising an embedded ‘tell culture’ within the organisation, senior management were keen to demonstrate and promote the benefits of a ‘coaching approach’ to cascade through the organisation.

The problem

Sales Managers tasked with embedding the learning of their teams and enhancing their sales performance, needed to develop appropriate skills and techniques to positively influence the behaviour of others. Travis Perkins were keen to develop an internal skills set, so that trainers could effectively train others and share listening and coaching behaviours throughout the organisation. They wanted delegates to identify with their own style of management and recognise where personal improvements could be made.

The solution

In partnership with the front line sales managers, RoleplayUK designed bespoke interactive training programme using scripted forum theatre scenarios to embed the learning with the group of internal trainers. The delivery focussed on the impact of coaching styles and enabled the participants to actively own outcomes and appreciate how to share best practice across the organisation.

The Results

By observing coaching styles and recognising the impact of certain actions, participants gained insight and confidence on how to transfer their learning to their working roles and effectively cascade a coaching approach to their reports and colleagues. Given the realism of the scenarios to their current workplace environment, they could easily identify personal behaviours and appreciate where they could adjust.

“The actors captured behaviours so accurately and created very believable scenarios; their authenticity made it so much easier for delegates to identify with the characters and appreciate the impact of behaviour. Importantly they were given the opportunity to practise and adjust their own style in a controlled and safe environment.”

Lisa Lea, Training Manager, Plumbing and Heating Division

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