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Embrace individuality and create an inclusive workplace

Supporting an organisation’s rich mix of ethnicity, age, sexual orientation and physical ability, to maximise staff contentment and productivity.

Course outline

Reaching a fair and balanced decision can be as seriously affected by unconscious bias, as it can conscious bias, it’s therefore important to fully understand what could influence our decisions to ensure that we fully embrace individuality and create an inclusive workplace.

This workshop increases participants’ awareness of the benefits and issues associated with equality and diversity and helps to develop strategies to challenge inappropriate behaviour and attitudes in the workplace.

The course will build in your organisation’s company policy in to the content and reinforce this to participants along with current legislation. Using drama based techniques, participants investigate diversity and equality issues and build an appreciation of the impact of behaviour, language and body language on potential outcomes.

It will benefit organisations and individuals looking to positively apply their working policy principles, in particular staff working in key decision making areas.

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At glance
  • workshop-icon Style
  • time-icon Learning time
    Half day
  • pre-course-icon Pre course prep
    Realplay work place scenarios
  • mask-icon Method
    LIVE Learning

Learning activities

Forum theatre scenes effectively engage participants with the need for inclusion throughout every organisation, at every level. Our actors take participants on a dramatic, and at times humorous, journey to demonstrate the importance of the issues. During group discussions, they then have the opportunity to explore ideas for improving the scenario outcome and share their individual knowledge and experience with the group. Together they develop strategies for directing the interactions to a more successful outcome.

Working in smaller breakout groups participants then coach the scene characters to see their ideas in practice; experiencing first hand whether they have the desired effect, or the potential to be misinterpreted. In this way the learning is effectively embedded and the participants take ownership of their actions.


By working through the scenarios to reach their own conclusions, and practising potentially difficult conversations in a safe, supportive environment, participants are genuinely engaged in embracing individual diversity and understand the impact it can have on improving a team’s performance.

This course enables organisations to demonstrate their visible and transparent commitment to inclusion and can also act as a useful barometer of internal cultural attitudes. Although directed towards tackling diversity issues, it also enhances individual’s personal confidence in starting and managing any potentially difficult conversation professionally.

Supporting Theory
  • Ongoing – following current legislative guidelines and best practice
  • Discovery Learning – Jerome Bruner 1961

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