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Leading and Management

Leading and Management

Developing inspiring leaders and effective managers

We are firm believers that there is a very clear distinction in what makes a great manager and what makes a great leader. This element of LIVE Learning and leadership training identifies and works with key behaviours which shape success in both roles.


Whether you’re leading a team or leading change, a successful leader needs to inspire others to follow. By understanding and flexing to differing behavioural styles, leaders develop practical leadership skills to get the most out of their team and ensure everyone is on board to work collaboratively toward the organisation’s objectives.

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Skills for effective management

A manager’s role is to make sure tasks are done well, to plan, on time and on budget. Although it takes a wide variety of skills to be able to plan, delegate, motivate and communicate effectively, here we concentrate on some of the practical elements which managers are invariably expected to get right!

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Creating effective teams

To get a job done well, you need an effective team around you; a team which feels valued and is more than the sum of its parts. To maximise resources within a team, leaders and managers need to be skilled motivators, proactive coaches but, above all, excellent communicators.

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Leading and managing effective teams

To maximise the varied skills and cross section of behaviours within a team, leaders and managers need to take responsibility for inspiring commitment, trust, diversity of capability, adaptability and effective communication of each of the individual members.

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Your blended learning partner

If you’re designing your learning solutions in-house and would like to bring your training to life, talk to us about LIVE blended learning options.

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