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Consultative selling

Consultative selling

When customers are increasingly wary, a collaborative approach to selling becomes a priority.

Learn to focus on building relationships and trust, and the skill of opening dialogue to gather relevant information.

Course outline

This workshop helps participants to identify with a buyer’s preferred communication style and connect with their buying motivation; importantly it helps participants establish the right behavioural approach to engage with the customer.

Using drama based techniques, participants build an appreciation of how to flex their behaviour to suit individual communication styles. They develop intelligent questioning strategies and listening skills and have the opportunity to practise how to maximise each new opportunity.

This workshop was initially developed to support sales teams within the Financial Services sector, where a great deal of empathy and understanding of the customer’s current situation and goals must be incorporated, to develop the right sales outcome and maintain stringent industry standards. It will however benefit any individual or sales team looking to capitalise on leads and generate new custom.

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Learning activities

Participants are introduced to a fictitious company selling a range of products, and observe a range of interactions between sales staff and customers. Each scenario showcases different communication styles, values and emotional state, actively engaging the participants in identifying flexes in approach.

The workshop then provides the opportunity for participants to discuss the various scenarios direct with the salesperson, exploring ways to move each interaction towards a more effective outcome. Participants examine behavioural preferences and are introduced to a communication model to help better understand their own style and how to flex to suit the customer.

To embed the learning new fictional scenarios are introduced and participants interact with the scene in one-to one sessions. Working in smaller break out groups they have the opportunity to experiment with new approaches and sales techniques, benefiting from observing their colleagues interactions and individual developmental feedback.


By the end of the workshop participants have increased confidence in their own ability to build rapport, using effective customer-focussed, positive language selection. They will be better placed to flex their style to identify what customers truly value and want, leading to stronger, ongoing relationships, greater trust and future sales.

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