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LIVE Learning creates a unique training opportunity, completely tailored to your business and your learning objectives. Using drama-based training techniques, roleplay and theatre-based exercises, we address real business pains though accurate work place simulations. By ‘doing it for real’, in a safe, nurturing environment, corporate training is brought to life, as participants experience first-hand the impact of their behaviours, choices and actions. 

After all – you can’t learn to swim by reading a book!

Because people bring learning to life

We provide a comprehensive range of learning and development programmes, with people and drama-based learning techniques at their core. Our programmes optimise three integral stages of learning activities Engage, Explore, Embed to deliver outcomes which influence behavioural change and translate to the work place, with lasting results.

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Outstanding customer service

Anyone at the forefront of your business needs to engage positively with your customers and create productive, lasting relationships. Effective communication is key and that’s what this element of LIVE Learning training is all about.

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Enhancing personal effectiveness

By understanding individual working styles and the impact they have on others, participants start to appreciate and then build on their own personal talents, and make more of the external resources available to them.

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Developing inspiring leaders and effective managers

Firm believers that there is a very clear distinction between what makes a great manager and what makes a great leader, this element of LIVE Learning identifies and works with key behaviours which shape success in both roles.

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A coaching approach

With the directive ‘telling’ and ‘mentoring’ styles of leadership proving to be less effective, leaders need to develop an effective coaching approach to help ensure individual goals complement those of the organisation.

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Supporting specific sector needs

RoleplayUK have a long history of working closely with individual organisations and developing bespoke learning and development programmes to address particular learning needs. This history provides a bank of expertise to share with similar organisations, looking for solutions to similar pains.

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