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Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness

Enhancing personal effectiveness

Developing individual personal skills to be more effective in the workplace, starts with a robust understanding of personal behaviours and a self-awareness of the impact these behaviours have on others.
RoleplayUK’s range of personal fffectiveness training focuses on core behaviours, helping participants to understand their own style and use that knowledge to flex and adapt to improve the outcomes of interactions with others, and maximise their potential.

Our courses also help participants with a range of business skills, including presentation skills and managing conflict.

Participants appreciate real benefits with increased levels of assertiveness, confidence, productivity and their ability to influence more effectively.

Personal Impact

Our range of Personal Impact courses helps participants to build confidence in their own presence and understand how they are perceived by others. Importantly participants learn to appreciate how they cannot change or control the behaviour of others, but they can adapt their own behaviour to reach better outcomes.

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These LIVE Learning courses improve personal effectiveness by focusing on core communication skills. They are designed to gain an appreciation of the variety of communication preferences of others, and how an individual can adjust their own personal style to reach better outcomes.

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If you’re designing your learning solutions in-house and would like to bring your training to life, talk to us about LIVE blended learning options.

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