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Capitalising on proven performance techniques to maximise presentation impact

Whether presenting to a small team of 5 or a conference of 1000s, individuals need to have confidence in their ability to engage the audience to succeed.

Course outline

This workshop is designed to develop effective behaviours for successful presentation or other public speaking situations. It investigates how behaviours influence communication styles and strategies for using the voice, body language, choice of words and space to create impact.

Participants will learn how to plan and deliver work related presentations, gaining a real appreciation that effective presenting is a two-way communication process. This presentation skills training is designed to maximise each individual’s personal style, supported by drama-based techniques to build confidence in his or her ability to engage and hold an audience.

Working closely with Actor Skills Coaches, participants learn essential survival techniques to think on their feet, and how to generate charisma and style to support their performance.

It will benefit anyone involved in presenting to clients, colleagues and larger audiences, helping to professionally raise the profile of an organisation, as well as earn the respect of internal teams.

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At glance
  • workshop-icon Style
  • time-icon Learning time
    Half day
  • pre-course-icon Pre course prep
    5 minute presentation
  • mask-icon Method
    LIVE Learning

Learning activities

Using a variety of proven drama-based techniques and interactive exercises, the workshop engages the learner with a clear demonstration of the do’s and don’ts for presenting a clear message and enables participants to identify their own personal capabilities and development needs.

In group and individual activities, participants explore the use of language for orating in public arenas, and how to appreciate the impact of body language. They also practise techniques for voice preparation and control. Throughout the workshop, the focus is directed towards ‘The Real Me’ and how to best capture natural communication skills for presentation.

The afternoon session is dedicated to embedding the key learning objectives, providing the opportunity to put newly learned strategies and skills to the test. Participants will shape and deliver short presentations with difficult messages, and receive individual, constructive feedback from the Skills Coach and the group as appropriate.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to apply proven presentation skills techniques to enhance their individual communication style. They will learn how to create impact and build a lasting impression.

“A key message for me was “Go with your inner voice and be authentic”, the fact that adopting a false style will always show through. It made me believe that you’re better than you think, and by testing out the verbal styles, I could clearly see who picked up on them.”

Course Delegate

Supporting Theory
  • Storytelling
  • The Voice & The Actor – Cecily Berry
  • People Styles – Bolton & Bolton
  • Discovery Learning – Jerome Bruner 1961

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