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Housing Associations

Housing Associations

Working with housing associations nationwide to support customer relationship building

Housing associations offer care and support services which enable people facing a wide variety of challenging circumstances to lead more resilient and independent lives.

Getting service interactions right in the home or at the service offices is something they all strive for.

RoleplayUK have worked closely with a number of Housing Associations and have had the opportunity to get to know and understand the issues they face. We have designed and delivered a variety of bespoke training courses working around communication and behaviours to help address those pains and improve the outcomes of everyday customer-facing challenges.

Communicating with residents

The success of all service interactions depends on the individual skill of the housing officers or maintenance team members. The application of these skills in the workplace can be as important to the resident as the specific services being provided. RoleplayUK’s training is designed to help customer facing teams understand why people react in certain ways and provide useful strategies to help them improve the overall customer experience.

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Handling difficult conversations

With a thorough understanding of individual behaviours, participants learn the necessary skills of how to manage challenging conversations to reach better outcomes.

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Managing meetings

This course focuses on developing the necessary skills to manage stakeholder meetings effectively to achieve key objectives and maximise everyone’s valuable time. It is directed towards honing facilitation techniques to help meetings maintain flow and direction..

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