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Creativity & Innovation

Welcome to the art of improvisation

Adapting core skills from the performing arts to respond instantly with creative ideas

Course outline

The ability to respond in an appropriate and relevant fashion when the unexpected occurs will always be a business challenge. However, the skills-set to respond instantly with creative ideas and input is a behavioural process that can be learned. For many years the performing arts have explored thinking and feeling in the moment and a particular set of tools has emerged for the unscripted situation, the pressured situation and situations where you will be judged on your response.

This workshop introduces the culture of creative thinking that will flex to business needs. It is designed to build individual confidence to react and deal with the unknown.

By learning to say ‘yes’ to ideas, participants build on the practice of recognising and maximising opportunity, and improve their capacity for agile thinking.

It will benefit individuals whose role requires them to react in the moment and present balanced ideas under pressure, giving them the courage to work intuitively.

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At glance
  • workshop-icon Style
  • time-icon Learning time
    Half day
  • mask-icon Method
    LIVE Learning

Learning activities

From the start participants become fully engaged in the learning with a series of ‘on-your-feet’ exercises, designed to energise the group and focus on the business application of quick thinking.

Participants are introduced to improvisation as a technique and explore its benefits through a drama workshop. Working as individuals and in small groups they then go on to perform impro scenes, interspersed with active drama exercises to build team dynamics, synergy and bonding.

The learning is truly embedded with a performance improvisation exercise, viewed by fellow participants, with the plenty of opportunity for constructive feedback and developmental guidance.


By exploring spontaneity and creative response, teams experience a totally new way of working, becoming fluid and expressive in their communication and actions. Literally thinking on their feet.

Supporting Theory
  • Professional Theatre and Improvisation practices.
  • Impro for Theatre – Viola Spolin
  • Personal agility competences

The programmes have been a great success… the quality and enthusiasm of the RoleplayUK team has been a major contributor to that success. You have turned the vision into reality. Your input into design and commitment to delivery, has been genuinely inspiring.

Simon Whitehouse, Skillbase

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