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A coaching approach

With the directive ‘telling’ and ‘mentoring’ styles of leadership proving to be less effective, leaders and managers need to develop an effective coaching approach to better align individual goals with those of the organisation.

Our fresh approach to training will give you the right coaching and mentoring skills to get the best out of yourself, your team and the organisation.

Coaching conversations

Every team is made up of individuals, each with their own blend of strengths and weaknesses. To get the most out of the team, it’s essential to coach each member individually, working with their unique set of behaviours.

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Handling difficult conversations

Finding the right approach to open a conversation can be a major hurdle in itself; messages can become confused and before you know it the problem you were trying to ease, has escalated out of proportion. Our solution gives you a chance to practise, make your mistakes in private and make sure you start off on the right foot.

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Your blended learning partner

If you’re designing your learning solutions in-house and would like to bring your training to life, talk to us about LIVE blended learning options.

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