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Becoming an engaging storyteller

Becoming an engaging storyteller

Learn to tell your story, include your audience in the tale and take people with you to                “The END”

Course outline

Emotion will win over logic every time, even when we are presenting the logic to justify it. This storytelling module affirms who we are and helps us connect to others.

This module can effectively supplement our range of communication courses, as well as Leading an effective team and Motivation to enhance the individual learning.
Participants examine the fundamentals of storytelling, including the underlying theory and look closely at the practical techniques of actually writing a story – importantly they learn how to deliver it well, because a great story… can still be poorly told.

It will particularly benefit individuals preparing for interview, leaders looking for inspiration to captivate and motivate their team and individuals looking to enhance their presentation style by incorporating business storytelling techniques.

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Learning activities

Participants engage in the power of storytelling by identifying story elements from live drama and discussing ways to develop narrative immersion. They are then introduced to the science of storytelling and examine language that motivates and emotionally engages the reader, with particular focus on well-versed texts and memorable famous speeches, before exploring practical scripting and notation.

By creating a narrative in different established storytelling formats, participants learn how to shape their story and build in emotional hooks to engage their listener. They then bring their story to life by developing a robust script and rehearse their delivery to build trust with their audience.

Participants have the opportunity to receive feedback on their story telling skills such as pace, pitch and authenticity, to further perfect each performance.


Following our storytelling training, participants will be experienced in the basic principles of storytelling. They will have prepared relevant stories to connect with real-life scenarios and have increased confidence to transfer their new skills to the work setting, building on the constructive feedback and coaching on their delivery.

Supporting Theory
  • Why Inspiring Stories Make Us React: The Neuroscience of Narrative – Paul J. Zak, Ph.D
  • Aristotle’s persuasion model – Hargie & Dickenson Fourth Edition

By looking closely at Martin Luther King’s speech, I started to apply some of its principles to ‘my story’; it’s amazing how it starts to take shape and come to life.

Scripting with impact, course delegate

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