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Wealth Management Organisation – Storytelling

‘Words that change minds’ – choosing language to create impact

Using proven experiential learning techniques to script meaningful presentations

The problem

This financial services client recognised that although previous presentations had been technically fit for purpose, they lacked the essential emotional and linguistic impact required to fully engage their audience.

When presenting to key strategic partners at roadshow events, the client needed to ensure their delivery built rapport with the audience, instilling the confidence for IFAs to advocate their products and services and differentiating them as a provider of choice.

The solution

RoleplayUK developed an immersive training programme led by an expert communications and presentation team, focusing on the use of persuasive presentational language. Relevant to both technical sales presenters and those writing on behalf of others, the course was designed to provide participants with the opportunity to test and validate the impact of the content of their presentation on the listener.

The Results

Following the workshop, 100% of participants felt that there presentation writing had improved and was valuable time away from their desk.

“Using a script template really helped me to structure the presentation more effectively, and the practical techniques of mind-mapping, storytelling and building emotion through language will definitely come in handy.”

Course participant

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