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James Larter, Roleplay UK
James Larter
Managing Director
James took over the business in 2002 and continues to lead and direct with a passion to ensure its continued success. His drive comes from a desire to provide the best drama-led training possible, backed with the best service and support possible; offering the expertise and flexibility to help shape the future of training and development.
Andrew Blair, Roleplay UK
Andrew Blair
Creative Director
With over 25 years’ experience of acting and directing, and RoleplayUK’s Creative Director since 2007, Andrew takes care of the design and delivery of bespoke communication workshops, coaching interventions and development programmes. Working closely with each client he will help you to develop the best way to embed the right outcomes for your business.
Lindsey Adams
Client services manager
Lindsey joined the team in August 2014 following 11 years managing the customer service team for The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. Working Monday to Thursday in the Stamford office, Lindsey successfully manages a very busy operations desk, working with clients and actors to ensure every detail is attended to.
Jacqui Adams
Client services
Jacqui also joined the Stamford office in August 2014, supporting operations, co-ordinating marketing activities and planning longer term projects every Wednesday to Friday.
Richard Lago, Roleplay UK
Richard Lago
Associate Director
Richard began his career in Precision Engineering and managed his own engineering business for six years, before moving into the world of executive resourcing and talent development over 20 years ago, to pursue his love of people development. His strategic outlook and inquisitive persona have made him a successful independent business coach, bringing a pragmatic, challenging and robust approach to working with his clients.
Felicity Hall, Roleplay UK
Felicity Hall
Company Director
Felicity has been a Director of RoleplayUK since 2002 and brings a wealth of expertise to the board. From a background in Investment Banking and Recruitment Search and Selection she offers constructive advice on corporate Marketing, Finance and Business Development.
Peter Budd
Peter Budd
IT Advisor
Peter joined RoleplayUK in 2003 as a booking and projects coordinator after retiring from a 30-year stint in the Royal Air Force. In addition to his primary role, his interest in technology meant that he was instrumental in designing, developing and implementing the Company’s IT and business systems and procedures. In 2007, Peter stood down from booking and project coordination but he continues to provide IT and systems support.