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Consultative communication - foundation

Consultative communication - foundation

Developing essential communication and influencing skills

Building on the knowledge base of CMI level 5 and Level 7 qualifications to deepen understanding of its key components, with rigorous skills practice and feedback from communication experts

Course outline

This workshop is designed to embed and build on the learning of the Award, Certificate and Diploma in Professional Consulting. Participants learn how to conduct a variety of productive communication situations and practise to ensure they have the ability to apply the techniques with confidence.

The course focuses on conveying ideas and thoughts in a clear, targeted style using effective verbal and non-verbal techniques; using presentation tools and strategies to engage the audience; presenting ideas convincingly to achieve specific outcomes, and applying techniques to achieve influence, impact and results with stakeholders.

This training will benefit consultancy professionals wanting to add impact and influence to their interactions with others and presentation through effective communication.

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At glance
  • time-icon Learning time
    Two day
  • workshop-icon Style
  • mask-icon Method
    LIVE Learning

Learning activities

The workshop initially focuses on personal communication and influencing skills and explores the need to prepare well to be able to communication effectively. Participants are introduced to, and practise, vocal and breathing exercises and body positions which positively impact on communication. They examine individual communication styles in detail and how to identify communication preferences in others.

The RoleplayUK Facilitator runs a number of forum theatre scenes, pertinent to consultancy roles, and with interaction from the participants, directs the scenes to improve the outcomes. The forum session actively engages participants in the need for learning, and increases their awareness of how to be successful in a business conversation.

Participants explore how to use communication techniques to improve their positioning as an innovator and someone who adds value to the consultation process.

In smaller breakout groups, participants apply their learning from the forum scenes in skills practice sessions, receiving developmental feedback from the skills coach and their peers.


By the end of the workshop participants will be able to prepare appropriately for a range of communication situations, plan and develop communication frameworks, understand and define client requirements, and demonstrate consideration of communication preferences in preparing for meetings.

They will have a robust understanding of the impact of failing to plan communication suitably, and be able to evaluate their own planning behaviour.

Participants will be able to demonstrate skills in building consensus and resolving conflict and be able to manage stakeholder expectations, maintaining focus on overall deliverables.

Supporting Theory
  • Discovery Learning – Jerome Bruner 1961
  • Influencing without authority – Cohen and Bradford 2005
  • The Voice and the Actor- Berry Cicely 1973
  • People Styles at Work – Bolton & Bolton
  • The GROW Model – Graham Alexander Alan Fine& Sir John Whitmore
  • The Power of Body Language –Amy Cuddy, Ted Talks
  • Kilmann model – Thomas Kilmann

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