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Effective care, well delivered

Effective care, well delivered

Developing essential communication skills to ensure the best possible user experience.

Hospital Trusts place great importance on building empathy, to achieve this they need staff to consider the patient experience as well as their medical condition.

Course outline

This is an interactive workshop presentation with three to four drama scenes based around NHS service provision. The workshop utilises forum theatre techniques to explore service provider’s behaviours, attitudes and their impact on service users.

This Sector Specific Course will benefit anyone working in the NHS in a patient facing role, whether hospital or community based.

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At glance
  • time-icon Learning time
    Three hours
  • workshop-icon Style
  • mask-icon Method
    LIVE Learning

Learning activities

The workshop initially focuses on personal communication skills impacting on service and starts by engaging participants in a scripted scene showing a customer/patient care interaction at a fictional NHS Hospital. The scene works with a case study illustrating behaviours and attitudes that need to be amended to achieve the Hospital mission statement. The group then get the chance to question our fictional service users to get the feedback and an insight as to the emotional impact the service interaction is having on them.

The RoleplayUK Facilitator runs a forum theatre session exploring the behaviours being displayed and then with direction and interaction with the participants, re-direct the actors into good customer care practice and if appropriate, for participants to take part in the theatre themselves.
Further scenes explore personal attitudes impacting on service before the final LIVE case study where participants meet the fictional NHS service providers, to explore their attitude and coach them towards better practice, which reflects the Hospital mission statement.

The final part of the workshop is reflection on individual responsibility for building and maintaining effective care, well delivered.


By the end of the workshop participants will have had the opportunity to reflect on attitudes that influence patient and service users service levels. They will have developed a greater understanding of the impact of their communication and effective behaviours in delivering better customer care, ready to take ownership of the role they have to play. They will also have developed a personal action plan to take back into the work place and/or appraisal system.

Supporting Theory
  • Discovery Learning – Jerome Bruner 1961
  • Influencing without authority – Cohen and Bradford 2005
  • The Voice and the Actor- Berry Cicely 1973
  • Legislative Theatre – Boal Augusto 1996
  • Theatre of the Oppressed – Boal Augusto
  • People Styles at Work – Bolton & Bolton
  • The Art of Giving Quality Service – Mary Gober and Robert Tannehill
  • The GROW Model – Graham Alexander Alan Fine& Sir John Whitmore
  • Why Inspiring Stories Make Us React – Paul J. Zak
  • Impro for heater – Viola Spolin
  • The Power of Body Language –Amy Cuddy, Ted Talks

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