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Building confidence to maximise every networking opportunity

Networking is a very effective way to do business and a learnable skill which can be mastered.

Course outline

This workshop is designed to build confidence to help individuals network more effectively. It investigates behaviours and the use of body language to understand the best approach to engage successfully in conversation. Participants have the opportunity to practise communication and storytelling techniques to improve the impact in their interaction.

Participants learn how to put others at ease, which in turn enhances their own confidence. They also develop strategies for not only opening conversations, but also successfully exiting them.

It will benefit anyone working in a client facing environment to become more productive in the way they interact with others.

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At glance
  • workshop-icon Style
  • time-icon Learning time
    Half day
  • mask-icon Method
    LIVE Learning

Learning activities

The workshop uses a variety of drama based techniques and interactive exercises to engage participants in what effective communication looks like.

With the opportunity to first observe what works and what clearly doesn’t work, participants move on to explore ways of improving the outcomes by questioning the characters in role. They are introduced to the impact of body language and the power of storytelling to build an emotional connection, during their interactions. The skill of active listening, when meeting others on a busy environment, is also explored.

Working in smaller break out groups, participants prepare for scenario meetings and decide together the best approach for success.

The second part is dedicated to embedding the key learning objectives, providing the opportunity to put newly learned strategies and skills into practice. Participants will prepare their own elevator pitch and test it out on one of our Skills Coaches, providing a unique opportunity to stop, start and adjust their conversation and communication style to generate the outcome they’re looking for. Developmental feedback both form the actor in character and their peers as passive observers, is also a useful means to embed and hone their learning.


By the end of the workshop participants will have gained valuable skills and techniques to boost their confidence when approaching new networking opportunities. They will be better placed to build respectful, trusted relationships and manage their time effectively at networking events.

Supporting Theory
  • Storytelling
  • Bolton and Bolton – Communication Styles
  • Assertiveness techniques
  • Discovery Learning – Jerome Bruner 1961

I found it extremely valuable to understand contrasting behaviours and how I can adjust my own style to build a better rapport with others. It was also great to learn a few ‘exiting’ techniques, to better manage my time.

Course participant

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