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Developing skills and techniques to performance manage with confidence

Difficult conversations are often avoided because of the anticipated emotional content, and the concern to maintain on-going relationships. This course aimed to empower delegates to work towards a fair, constructive and respectful outcome, establishing a proactive approach to future challenges.

The problem

With an established team of experienced Investment Managers, it became apparent that many advisers were missing opportunities to engage with key IFA contacts during regional roadshow events. Senior leadership recognised that they needed to raise awareness among their teams of the importance of networking and develop effective strategies to help initiate new working relationships.

The solution

Working with personnel responsible for establishing professional relationships with clients, RoleplayUK developed an immersive hot housing session led by our experiential training team, and supported by a toolkit of networking techniques.

The focus of the programme ensured that participants could experience the impact of their networking ability in a live simulation with real-time scoring for personal effectiveness.
The training was made available in regional centres to maximise impact with minimum disruption to business as usual, ahead of the next scheduled roadshow events.

The Results

Participants gained a good understanding of the benefits of successful networking and the positive steps they could take to improve outcomes. They were able to flex their communication style to better suit each conversation and became more effective at gathering pertinent information, building on the individual feedback from skills coaches and peers.

100% of participants achieved their personal objectives by attending this immersive training and felt it was valuable time away from their desk.

“I found it extremely valuable to understand contrasting behaviours and how I can adjust my own style to build a better rapport with others. It was also great to learn a few ‘exiting’ techniques, to better manage my time.”

Course participant

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