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Measuring the success of learning

Using effective feedback techniques to monitor ongoing learner development and transfer into the workplace.

Step one, identify leaner need, or change requirements; Step two, develop appropriate training programme to address need; Step three, participants attend and benefit from experience; Step four, learner returns to work place … and nothing changes!

Sound familiar??

The problem

To effectively break this renowned cycle it’s essential for learners to firstly have the opportunity to continue to practise and embed their newly learned skills, and secondly have the means to continue to measure their transfer of their leaning until it becomes second nature and lasting change is achieved.

The solution

RoleplayUK have absolute faith that ongoing practice is the key to embedding skills learned in training but we are even more interested in measuring how effectively these skills are applied back in the workplace. We have therefore developed a series of well-timed, supporting resources, pre and post workshop, to ensure that learning application is swift, meets the training and business needs and provides sound return on investment.

Our process follows a valuable four step approach:

  1. Pre-workshop Questionnaire (for participants)
  2. Explainer Webinar (for Line Managers)
  3. Post-workshop Questionnaire (for participants)
  4. Ongoing Skills Practice (for participants)
The Results

Learners arrive at the training with a good understanding of their current competency and confidence and are therefore better placed to maximise learning opportunities on the day.

Line managers fully understand the objectives of the training to provide better support back in the workplace and ensure that the learning complements the development objectives.

L&D teams can effectively track the impact of the training and importantly how effectively the learning is adopted into the workplace.

Participants successfully embed their learning with on-going, meaningful practice and by receiving relevant personal feedback.

“We were able to build an accurate picture of the impact of each programme, as well as break the data down to monitor individual learning needs. Although we are still in phase 3, of an ongoing 6 month programme, we could use the data to make changes as required and closely monitor improvements.”

Senior Learning & Development Advisor

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