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Moving established face-to-face training online

Flexible remote roleplay and skills practice to support a new way of working

With an established manager development programme in place, our client was keen to keep to their schedule and retain as much consistency of learning as possible.

The problem

Covid 19 hit the UK!

The client already had a series of dates scheduled to further the continued development of their management teams, and therefore needed to explore effective remote delivery options, to maintain their development momentum.

A key focus of learning was to experience behavioural demands at management level and provide the opportunity to practise different behavioural approaches, they were therefore keen to test that these activities would work effectively online, so that the training could continue to meet its objectives.

The solution

We engaged an established team of actors with a solid understanding of how the training worked face-to-face, and the key learning objectives of the programme.

Following a tech test, to pre-empt any serious connection issues, the team joined the client for a remote rehearsal, running through the scenarios online and benchmarking each exercise to ensure consistency on the day.

The Results

Just one month after lockdown, the client successfully ran two management development programmes, each with three independent groups of learners.

Learners successfully engaged with a virtual adaptation of traditionally face-to-face roleplay exercise and had the opportunity to explore practice and receive feedback on their management skills and approach.

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