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Remote assessment – time, cost and place efficient

Consistent roleplay actor support – wherever and however you’re working

Flexibility to assess candidates across multiple time zones and locations, as well as those self-isolating just around the corner.

RoleplayUK works with a wide range of businesses, who need professional actor support to deliver consistent roleplays time after time.  We give candidates that level playing field, so their skills can be assessed consistently and fairly.

The problem

It’s well understood that bringing candidates together for an assessment centre can be problematic, co-ordinating diaries, travel, accommodation and time zones, let alone adhering to current health safety advice, and respecting individual’s social distancing comfort zones.

The solution

Many of our long-term clients, such as PSI Talent Management (formerly A&DC) have been making the most of telephone and online video platforms to assess candidates all over the world for a number of years.

Having resourced a core pool of actors with the best skill set for each project, and tech tested their connection capability, we can quickly match roleplayer support for each candidate appointment.

Working to each assessment centre schedule, our roleplay actors seamlessly dial in at the correct time, to work with each individual candidate and assessor. Depending on the assessor’s requirements, they can either complete a written feedback form or provide individual feedback of how they were made to feel in character.

The Results

Pre 2020, the benefits of remote assessment were already self-evident, in terms of flexibility to work round differing time zones, complicated diaries and significantly reducing centre management costs.

Today, in our pandemic era, we have to work this way, and it’s great to have the experience in place, to provide the solutions our clients need, as well as the resources to satisfy demand, as requests for remote role-play support increase.

“The requirement for role-players to support our remote 1:1 assessments, taking place all over the world, has steadily grown over the last two years, for one of our clients in particular. The flexibility, continuity and reliability we can expect from RoleplayUK means that we can confidently continue to market this service to new clients.”

Rachel Chandler,  Resourcing Executive,  PSI Talent Management

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