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Global delivery – a pandemic plus

With the world in lockdown, it’s sometimes very difficult to appreciate the positives,
which made it all the more rewarding to support a recent client to reach out to their global network.

RoleplayUK has been working with the UK division of a global healthcare provider for a number of years and successfully delivered a nationwide rollout of a targeted sales training programme.

The problem

Lockdown in the UK, brought an abrupt halt to the face to face programme, and despite working closely with the client to develop an effective online solution, it was not possible to engage with the UK sales teams because of the necessary furloughing of staff.

The solution

With the bulk of development for the online delivery already complete, it was an easy decision for the client to use MS Teams, to widen the programme to benefit their sales teams all over the world.

The sales process was designed to share best practice and create consistency across all their sales teams, and this was a perfect opportunity to reach out to global colleagues.

Liaising with senior leaders from Europe, Australia and New Zealand, RoleplayUK tailored the interactive delivery, to create an engaging conference intervention, presented to over 90 sales staff based throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The Results

The simulated conversation scenes, delivered by two of our talented actors, worked extremely well, effectively sharing best practice in an entertaining and memorable way.

Participants used the chat function to pull apart and rebuild the sales interaction, providing insightful direction on how conversations can be managed to reach a better outcome, and inadvertently sharing their expertise with colleagues.

The session proved to be so much more than sales training, it connected individuals, teams and nations, providing a real opportunity to reinforce a truly global organisation.

Comments in the Chat included:

“Thank you very much! Quite an insightful breakdown with lots of great tips and useful perspectives.”

“Thanks for a very practical and worthwhile session”

“Thank you very much…. especially impressive given it’s 6am your time. Reckon I’ll see you guys on Netflix”

Having built some excellent relationships with the Australian team in the process, conversations are already underway, to provide further bespoke remote support over the coming months.

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