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Easing the pressure on bringing national and global teams together,
and greater flexibility for individual development

Group training

Personal health safety aside, the logistics of bringing national and international teams together is often fraught with logistical problems and costly overheads. Not surprising then, that more and more organisations are looking for online solutions to train and develop their staff.

RoleplayUK actors are experienced in delivering engaging drama-led activities remotely, to enhance the overall learning experience of online development programmes. Live forum theatre scenes and simulated scenarios offer a highly effective means of demonstrating the impact of behaviours, showcasing best practice, and stimulating lively debate amongst delegates.

Remote platforms also offer the opportunity to divide into a number of break rooms, so that smaller groups can work closely with an actor skills coach. It provides a great opportunity to put new learning into practice, share ideas and truly and embed key skills.

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Individual development

Our actor coaches can also support remote individual skills practice sessions, this could be integrated into the schedule for whole group training, or as follow up, stand-alone sessions at a later date.

Using an online platform for both group training and individual skills practice has the added benefits of:

  • less time away from the team’s core activities
  • reduced travel and accommodation expenses
  • safe and compliant with changing social distancing requirements
  • easy to facilitate small group work
  • flexible scheduling of individual skills practice sessions
  • tailor to individual development needs

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