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Telephone, Virtual & Remote roleplays

Telephone, Virtual & Remote roleplays

Flexible, cost effective and time efficient options for roleplay assessment and development

Easy dial in options using telephone or video conferencing to connect with participants and candidates at a time to suit your business.

With the need for organisations to continue to reflect the way they do business, telephone, video and remote roleplay is definitely on the up. Particularly for global organisations with interactions across time zones, cultures and languages.

Our actors and skills coaches, working remotely, dial in to your telephone or video call, to link in with the candidate and assessor as required.

Remote roleplay is equally effective for assessment or development exercises to replicate a realistic workplace environment.

For development

Participants have the opportunity to practise a variety of behavioural approaches and new techniques at a time and place to suit them. It offers a great opportunity to embed their learning, following classroom or e-based training activities. Whether using roleplay or realplay exercises, participants will receive immediate feedback from the actor in character, to help build their confidence and skill level in approaching scenarios pertinent to their role.

For assessment

Remote roleplays provide a flexible means to assess candidates fairly and consistently, wherever they are in the world. By their very nature, remote roleplay brings significant cost saving benefits to an organisation, by removing the need for candidates to travel to a central assessment centre.

“The requirement for roleplayers to support our remote 1:1 assessments, taking place all over the world, has steadily grown over the last two years for one of our clients in particular. The flexibility, continuity and reliability we can expect from RoleplayUK means that we can confidently continue to market this service to new clients.”
Rachel Chandler, Resourcing Executive, PSI Talent Management

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