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Positively addressing under performance

Building technique and confidence to manage effective performance conversations

Staff opinion surveys had highlighted a growing trend in under performance being tolerated across the group; whether perception or fact, it was clear that it was having an impact on the business as a whole and needed action.

The problem

Senior leaders down to line managers were very aware of the importance of addressing under performance issues in a candid and timely manner, but few felt they had the necessary skills, and therefore confidence, to carry out these conversations effectively, to reach a positive outcome with their reports. Ecclesiastical Insurance were keen to develop a comprehensive training programme, which would not only provide practical tools and techniques to support their managers in carrying out performance conversations, but also the opportunity to practise and build confidence to transfer their learning and bring about change in the workplace.

The solution

Working hand-in-hand with Ecclesiastical’s in-house L & D team, RoleplayUK developed bespoke forum theatre scenarios to clearly demonstrate the impact of good and poor challenging conversation techniques. Participants were given the opportunity redirect the scenes and experience the impact of adjusting language and behaviour to improve the outcome of each interaction.
Working in smaller breakout groups with a Skills Coach, participants then practised their own individual conversations. Using a pre-prepared real life scenario (realplay) they could test out their learning and trial what works, and importantly what doesn’t, in a safe consequence free environment, receiving constructive feedback from the Skills Coach and their peers.

The Results

By measuring participant feedback accurately both before and after the training, Ecclesiastical Insurance were able to monitor participant learning in terms of improved knowledge and confidence in holding a challenging conversation, with impressive outcomes.

“On average learner knowledge of effective techniques to manage a challenging conversation improved by over 65% and confidence to put those techniques into practice rose by almost 55 %”

Sarah Holroyde,  Senior Learning & Development Advisor

“I was wary at the start that this was going to be a waste of valuable time, but it was actually the opposite, I took away a great deal from this course.”

“Of all the courses I have been on, this was one of the most useful.”

Course participants


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