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Finding creative solutions to help leadership ‘think in the moment’

Skillbase’s client needed to find creative solutions to focus on leadership and management development. Skillbase successfully developed two bespoke modular programmes which addressed their client’s training needs, but were keen to include experiential elements in both programmes to nurture the necessary skills for delegates to ‘think in the moment’. They also wanted to be confident that the learning would embed the necessary skills for delegates to adapt with flexibility and respond effectively to the changing needs of the business, at both a strategic and tactical level.

The problem

Having experienced the positive impact of interactive skills practice on many occasions, but without internal expertise to develop, Skillbase asked RoleplayUK to create meaningful challenging content to be delivered in a rolling programme over 12-18 months. The two distinct programmes would target the skills needs of Leaders and Managers within the pharmaceutical organisation.

The solution

RoleplayUK designed two bespoke drama workshops. The workshop targeting leadership development incorporated challenging individual and group improvisation, as well as active drama exercises. The workshop targeting management was designed around powerful forum theatre scenes delivered by a forum director and skills coaches. Using stop, start and fix techniques participants addressed the issues raised and worked towards a better outcome.

Both workshops concluded with smaller break out groups enabling the participants to practise their newly learned skills and truly embed the learning.

The Results

By learning the necessary skills required to tackle difficult situations relevant to their own work place, Managers were able to build their personal confidence and emotional management, preventing the need to escalate issues to senior leadership.

The Leadership cohorts developed self-reliance to adapt in the moment without referencing fixed models or leadership ‘behaviours’.

“The programmes have been a great success… the quality and enthusiasm of the RoleplayUK team has been a major contributor to that success. You have turned the vision into reality. Your input into design and commitment to delivery, has been genuinely inspiring.”

Simon Whitehouse, Skillbase

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