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Roffey Park Institute

A reliable partner who understands our clients’ business objectives

Meeting the educational and research needs of many of the world’s leading companies and organisations, Roffey Park Institute depend upon their suppliers to not only understand their business objectives but also those of the Institute’s diverse clients.

The problem

As an internationally renowned leadership institute, Roffey Park needed a partner they could rely on to resource experienced, high calibre actors and skills coaches to support their own in-house team on development programmes and training courses. Actors with the flexibility to deliver quality, consistent performances, utilising their professional drama skills to improvise roleplay, forum theatre and realplay sessions, and the experience to facilitate small group sessions, providing detailed behavioural feedback to delegates as required.

The solution

Using our state of the art technology, RoleplayUK can effectively identify actors with the necessary skills and approach to support Roffey Park’s training objectives. Their aptitude and skill set means that they can adapt quickly to each project and become a seamless extension of the Institute’s internal team, matching their culture, techniques and behaviours.

The Results

Roffey Park Institute have been able to enhance their HR and Leadership development programmes, calling on RoleplayUK’s support since 2008. Over a 12 month period we successfully supported over 90 projects, covering 340 educational events.

“We really appreciate being able to call on such a reliable and professional team; a team which can enhance the service we provide to all our clients and keep them coming back.”

Alex Swarbrick, Head of Asia Pacific – Roffey Park Institute

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