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Harnessing best practice to be top of their game

Volkswagen are more than aware of the high level of expertise and knowledge held by individuals within their Sales Development Team. With the imminent launch of a specialist trade service, they wanted to make sure that the whole team were confident and equipped to deliver to consistently high standard.

The problem

Not so much of a problem, as a challenge. VW were keen to capture the techniques used by their sales teams, to develop a gold standard of how to approach and handle customers effectively and confidently; they wanted to create a catalogue of best practice benchmark techniques to share with the whole team.

The solution

VW created 4 realistic customer scenarios to cover four key customer conversations, including:

  • The initial pitch of the service to a new customer
  • Handling objections, in a potentially difficult conversation
  • Exploring sales opportunities to increase orders from regular customers
  • Taking down the barriers between different sides of the business, to work as one

Four RoleplayUK actors each prepared to be on the receiving end of one discussion. By rotating around the groups every 15 minutes, they enabled Sales Managers to demonstrate their personal approach of how they would deliver best practice in each scenario.

With the rest of the group observing and one group host capturing the essence of each conversation, they were able to compile a summary of the best way to counter these key challenges.

The Results

“I just wanted to say a massive thank you to your and your team for supporting us in April, you absolutely pulled it out of the bag, the guys were great and we’ve had fab feedback off the back of the sessions, it wasn’t the easiest of briefs or activities and given the prep time it all went swimmingly!! Real customer service at its best and highly appreciated by me.”

Andrea Lancaster, Events and Communications Manager



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