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Developing skills and techniques to performance manage with confidence

Difficult conversations are often avoided because of the anticipated emotional content, and the concern to maintain on-going relationships. This course aimed to empower delegates to work towards a fair, constructive and respectful outcome, establishing a proactive approach to future challenges.

The problem

Moving from a culture where performance management was often overlooked or avoided, the leadership team recognised that they needed to both understand why this had been the case and provide line managers with the tools to address potentially ‘difficult’ situations regarding performance management.

The solution

Working with the leadership team, RoleplayUK developed an engaging, interactive training programme, incorporating scripted forum theatre sessions and realplay exercises. Under the direction of the facilitator, participants appreciated the impact of behaviours, body language and choice of speech to influence an outcome, and how to adapt their personal behaviours to better relate to the communication style of others. In smaller break out groups, participants successfully practised personal work place conversations, receiving developmental feedback to help transfer their learning back to their roles.

The Results

As an organisation, performance challenges are now dealt with internally and punctually, avoiding escalation; on an individual level, delegates are more effective communicators and understand how to better manage emotions.

“One of the best courses I have been on in my 25 years in the law. I was sceptical of real play but am a convert”

Course delegate

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