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Council – Performance Management

Managing performance and preparing for difficult conversations

“We need our managers to be able to have ‘those difficult conversations’, so they can tackle performance issues head-on with confidence and integrity.”

Difficult conversations are labelled from the word go – our task was to make them less of a challenge!

The problem

This borough council’s main objective was to improve the productivity and efficiency of its employees, to make better use of resources and in turn, public funding. They recognised that improving performance management skills was a key contributor to achieving this goal.

By helping line managers to explore strategies and techniques to plan for performance related conversations, this council aimed to open up communication channels and create greater clarity of role expectation across the organisation.

The solution

Working with the leadership team, RoleplayUK developed an engaging, interactive training programme, using realistic workplace Forum Theatre scenarios to engage the participants in the need for change. Participants explored the impact of behaviours on the outcome and gained a thorough understanding of how to manipulate body language and choice of speech to influence results. Working in smaller breakout groups, gave participants the opportunity to test their learning and take on board constructive feedback from both the skills coach and their peers.

The Results

Following an initial pilot, the benefits to participants became very clear and the council were keen to extend the learning to reach as many line managers as possible.

“One of the best courses I have been on in years. I have learned something and was made to think. It’s shown me the areas which I need to work on to improve communication during difficult conversations.”

Course participant

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