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Using corporate video to embed a consistent coaching approach to performance management

Recognising the fundamental benefits of Sir John Whitmore’s GROW Model, our client wanted to embed its key messages to promote consistent coaching approach across the organisation.

The problem

With regional offices all over the country and a spread of specialised teams, this financial services organisation needed an effective and time efficient way of introducing a coaching approach to all its line managers. They recognised that a professional video production would support the exploration of the GROW model and clearly demonstrate effective performance management.

The solution

Working closely with the key stakeholders, RoleplayUK developed scripts and storyboard for a performance management scene, maintaining a generic focus to concentrate on the purpose and approach of the meeting, rather than the technical content of the conversation. From start to finish, we then managed the film production from casting through to final edits. Delivering the professional film to use with a variety of media.

The Results

Managers across the organisation were able to observe the GROW model in action, initially observing the impact of poor practice, followed by the discernible improvements of adopting a coaching approach.

Following on from the film’s success, RoleplayUK are now in discussion with the client to develop further media to embed lasting change across the organisation.

“The roleplay and coaching sessions were very useful to see how techniques worked and their impact for other teams. Subtle changes can have a dramatic impact. The need to be authentic came through strongly.”

Course participant

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