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Using practice sessions to develop consistent sales conversations

B. Braun Medical use interactive sales training to embed a consistent, high quality sales approach

Having introduced a value driven sales model within the business, this pharmaceutical organisation wanted to make sure that all their sales teams were consistently competent and confident to put this new approach into practice with every customer.

The problem

Although a high proportion of colleagues had successfully adopted the approach, it became clear that many still needed to practise; only then could they be totally comfortable to test the process with their customers and start to appreciate the results.

The solution

Working with the in-house sales team and L & D, RoleplayUK gained a thorough understanding of the sales model and developed forum scripts to demonstrate both good and bad practice in live scenarios. Participants were then given the opportunity to redirect the scenes and test out how they could move the conversations in different directions to work towards more successful outcomes.

Working in smaller breakout groups with a Skills Coach, participants then practised their own individual conversations, with the actors briefed to be their customer.

The Results

The opportunity to practise the sales process face-to-face was so successful with participants that B. Braun have decided to implement ongoing practice sessions into their regular annual training programme.

“RoleplayUK have been a real pleasure to work with, they have taken the time to really understand our business needs and create a session that makes a genuine impact. Everyone I’ve met has been professional, friendly and highly skilled at what they do. The feedback I’ve received from our sales people has been outstanding.”

Tim Lawrence,  L&D Advisor


“The whole day was brilliant, probably the best thing that the L&D team have ever done for us!”

“I feel so much more confident now, I get it and I can’t wait to try what I’ve learned in the field.”

Course participants


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