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Using the stage of a core event to embed company values

With a conference planned to celebrate the collective achievements of the Group, Network Homes wanted to capitalise on the event to fully engage their audience with their newly introduced suite of company values.

The problem

To succeed and consistently embed the new corporate values, senior management knew that any kind of event intervention would need to entertain, be easy to relate to and above all be memorable, so that all delegates would positively transfer the values to their teams and work place.

The solution

In partnership with internal ‘think tanks’ we explored creative and inclusive options to present the new values, resulting in a staged personification of each value based on the ‘Wizard of Oz’. Our creative team developed company relevant scripts, to demonstrate how the search for individual personal development can help to modify behaviours and establish change. Anecdotal evidence and culturally specific humour achieved the immediate buy in from the audience to quickly engage with the need for change. RoleplayUK took on the responsibility for staging the entire event from casting internal staff members, to the final curtain, carefully working around the staff’s busy day jobs.

The Results

The Road to Change and the cast received rapturous applause from the entire audience; everyone present firmly understood that change was taking place and they each had their own role to play in making it a success.

“A perfect performance that brought lots of laughter to the audience but also delivered a really powerful message about HART. It also chimed perfectly with CEO’s messages about how we can all be brilliant and deliver brilliance when we get outside our comfort zones.”

Tracy Webb, Head of Organisational

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