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Aligning leadership behaviours with company vision and policy

With staff based at four regional centres, this client wanted to create an open and professional communications strategy within its senior leadership teams.

The problem

This organisation identified the need to equip both leaders and managers with a relevant skill set to approach challenging conversations with confidence. Skills that could improve their ability to direct one-to-one appraisals and provide direct feedback to colleagues.

They also wanted to ensure that the whole organisation shared the company’s vision of what good leadership looks like, and recognised the need for flexibility in their leadership style, to successfully influence interactions.

The solution

Using information gathered from participants’ personal pre-course questionnaires, RoleplayUK designed two bespoke training programmes to specifically address the challenges facing Directors and Senior Managers within the organisation.

The training focussed on individual behavioural and communication styles, and explored effective tools and solutions for leading change, incorporating assertiveness, delegation, and influencing up and down.

Participants had the opportunity to plan for and practise a difficult conversation, testing out the theory and experiencing first-hand the impact of their conversation with a one-to-one skills coach.

The Results

Participants left the training with an increased level of self-awareness and felt confident to improve both management communication and the communication with other areas of the business.

They also appreciated the need to flex their leadership style to when approaching different individuals and were able to implement the coaching techniques in their performance management conversations.

“I was instantly sceptical about what the course might offer, however it was all very good and relevant from the beginning, providing the opportunity to run through real-life situations and reflect on my own style.”

Course participant

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