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Global investment bank

Facilitating an effective graduate induction into the global workplace

Faced with an immediate spread of perceived international, as well as interdepartmental cultures, new recruits need to quickly learn to adjust their behaviour to get the most out of other colleagues and the global resources available to them.

The problem

With significant numbers of graduates joining the bank each year, a global investment bank wanted to ensure that they had the skills and confidence to hit the ground running. By focussing on personal communication style their key objective was to ensure that all graduates fully understood the impact of their communications and how they are perceived by different cultures throughout the bank.

The solution

In partnership with the internal Leadership & Development team, RoleplayUK designed a bespoke two day workshop, with a high level of interactive elements to engage the graduate audience. The programme introduced personal wellbeing, behavioural styles and communications techniques to enable participants to not only recognise their own individual style but then learn how to flex to the behaviours of others.

Each participant had the opportunity to practise starting and managing a difficult conversation and apply positive approaches to networking conversations.

The Results

The participants readily engaged with the learning and the bank noticed a progression in the confidence and personal skills of graduates going through the programme. Following on from the success of the original programme and the positive feedback from delegates and international stakeholders, the bank have chosen to repeat the training for the past four years.

“I found the group exercises where we all examined the roleplay scenarios most useful. It not only made me closely observe the impact of behaviours but it was also interesting to see things from another’s perspective and appreciate how the same scene can be interpreted differently.”

Course delegate

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