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The Riverside Group

“Improving the communication skills of the customer facing team”

The Evolve Repairs and Maintenance team take on a frontline role in helping Riverside Group tenants from all walks of life. Although highly skilled tradesmen, their exposure to potentially confrontational tenants and situations can present a challenge.

The Problem

Senior management recognised that the Repairs Team needed to be equipped with relevant skills to help customers face to face, both to provide the expected level of service to tenants and to embed the core Riverside values. They also appreciated that as an employer they had a duty of care to adequately prepare their employees for situations they can realistically be expected to face

The Solution

In partnership with the internal Leadership and Development team, RoleplayUK designed a session structure and scripted bespoke scenarios to reflect the day to day situations faced by the Repairs Team to create an accurate simulation of the language and behaviours operatives come up against. Using a range of experiential learning techniques to engage participants and interactive realplay sessions to embed Riverside Service Style good practice, participants were able to reflect on their individual learning experience and its practical application in the work place.

The Results

Repairs Team and Riverside Management have utilised the learning to create a regular forum where they can share experiences and real challenging situations, opening up long term channels of communication. They saw a committed engagement of participants and noted their responsiveness to redirect behaviours and develop good practice.

“We have really appreciated how adaptable the training can be to relate to our regional teams. The scenarios are very realistic which helps the operatives to engage from the start.”

Mike Dale – Head of Responsive Repairs & Strategy

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