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Will the future office require different training?

By James Larter

Posted 26/09/2018

So what does the office of the future look like? Will there even be a physical office space?

A recent study reported by CNBC quotes that more than two-thirds of people around the world work away from the office at least once a week, and over 50% ‘tele-commuting’ for at least half the week.

And as the millennial workforce continues to grow, we’re likely to see flexible working becoming even more popular, as we strive to achieve a better work-life balance.

Adapt to the way individuals want to learn

As working patterns have evolved the L&D sector has responded well in adapting to the way individuals want to learn and we have already witnessed incredible change in the way the industry facilitates and delivers training. The explosion of e-learning solutions for example, has brought about a huge increase in flexibility, enabling individuals to access training at a time and place to suit them, as well as selecting content to meet their individual needs. As a result the majority of businesses include online and remote platforms as part of their blended learning options to help individuals improve their working knowledge.

But don’t forget human nature

We do however need to remember the constant throughout this working evolution – human nature. Although we may work remotely, access learning online, or increasingly by mobile apps, we still need to connect with our colleagues to make things happen – and those skills, you can’t learn from a book or a computer.

Training is about bringing about lasting behavioural change

The continual improvements to e-learning technology means that learning can be targeted and  personalised, so that the content is relevant and interesting to each individual, successfully expanding an individual’s knowledge. Where it falls down however, is bringing about lasting behavioural change, which after all, is what training is all about.

However the physical environment may change, we will still need to interact effectively and considerately with others to get a job done.

It’s crucial therefore, that training for the future office continues to include opportunities for individuals to practise, have a go and apply their newly learned skills to their workplace, whatever that workplace may be.

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