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‘Calling it Out’ training packs a meaningful punch

By James Larter

Posted 20/06/2019

It was great to have the opportunity to support a long standing client in raising awareness about Unconscious Bias in the workplace and importantly help individuals to make a difference, by equipping them with practical tools, strategies and the confidence to Call-it-Out when they identify a need.

Pre and post course evaluation identified an average of 3.04% confidence in the topic before attending to 4.22% after attending, a 1.18% increase in confidence.

Here’s what just a few of the 343 attendees had to say…

“Excellent session in raising awareness of behaviours and diversity in an organisation where from my observations these issues have not been discussed/challenged.”

“It was an excellent afternoon. A serious topic, but facilitated with an appropriate level of good humour. It also felt like a safe space to explore the topic.”

“10/10 for the trainer, the actors and the training. Exceeded my expectations. I think training on this topic needs to be ongoing to encourage and support sustainable change.”

“I think this was the most valuable training we’ve had in a long time and I hope that this will bring some cultural changes following this.”

“Well run session – it was great to have the actors to make it more realistic. Fantastic to be given the opportunity to take the time out of the office to give this subject the focus it deserves. Mixing with different staff members within the business provides a wider view on the subject.”

“The content & subject matter of this course would be useful to staff at all levels & would accelerate the required changes in culture.”

“More of this type of session please!”

“Excellent session, very thought provoking and perfect balance of participation and observation. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to putting it into action as appropriate.”

“It was a fantastic training course. Gave all the needed information but in a really enjoyable and engaging format for what could easily be a difficult topic.

As a provider of both training solutions and actors with the skills to bring them to life, it’s very rewarding to see what progress can be made on this incredibly important subject.

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