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Unconsciously biased – who me?

Reaching a fair and balanced decision can be as seriously affected by unconscious bias, as it can by conscious bias; take our quiz to check how easily it creeps into our day to day lives and the workplace – just click on the icon above to start.

Thank you for taking the time to explore your understanding of unconscious bias and its impact on the workplace, we hope you’ve found it both fun and informative.

It’s critical for leaders within every organisation to be able to identify unconscious bias across the whole of the workplace, because it is by no means limited to recruitment and retention. Every working relationship, both within the organisation and with external customers, is subject to bias; that’s not to say they’re all bad, just part of human nature.

The important thing is to help people be aware of the potential influences on their decisions, so that they can bring them in to their conscious decision making process.


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